When the autumn wind is cool, walk to find the autumn colors and pick tea.

The ancients often said:
“Looking at the mountains is like reading history, looking at the water is like watching pictures”
English and Western are like a Danqing painting left in Nanling Mountain.
A clear wave, a screen of Cangshan
The scenery is greed.
Golden Autumn Season
Hua Shu came to Yingxi Fenglin to feel the beauty of nature!

Day 1 Colorful activities meet in early autumn

Fisherman doesn’t care about fishing, and staying by the river is particularly calm. It is to exercise willpower and endurance, enjoy nature, and enjoy fish fun.
We took a cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. I also experienced unique kayaking water activities and learned rowing techniques. Use boats and water as links to narrow the distance between each other, strengthen communication and exchange between teams, and enhance friendship.
Dressed lightly and walk leisurely! – Hiking
Walking on the path in the countryside, there is a feeling of returning to the originality. Enjoy the quietness of the countryside, the comfort of tranquility and distance, and the calmness of the heart. Hiking not only enhances physical fitness and enjoys happiness, but also makes us all learn to persevere.
Barbecue party + birthday party
One year and one gift, we will be happy together.
Growth meets unexpectedly, and birthdays come as scheduled.
As we work hard for our dreams,
I always forget my birthday in my busy schedule.
On this day, you may forget it yourself.
But Huashu will not forget.
On behalf of the company, the administrative partners send birthday wishes to all the “birthday stars” and wish you good health, all the best, the future and smooth work! And thank you for not being afraid of hard work, being afraid of being busy, completing the work tasks with quality and quantity, and conscientiously contributing to the development of the company!

Day 2-1 Dongtian Wonderland, a paradise

⭐National AAAA tourist attractions

There are holes in the mountains, and there is water in the cave. Looking up, the caves are connected.” Don’t have a hole. “It’s probably like this artistic conception! I want to say that the biggest advantage here is not the beautiful scenery, but the change of inner mood when I come here. Come here to play, watch the water and enjoy flowers, climb mountains on foot, enjoy the “First Day Pit in South China” on a cruise ship, and enjoy the natural scenery given to us by nature. There are no bustling streets and a variety of goods here, but it is useful for the lack of tranquility in big cities, which reminds me of a poem “Peach Blossom Land” I learned in school.
Tao Yuanming said: When the forest is exhausted, there will be a mountain, and the mountain has a small mouth, as if there is light. Put on the boat and get in from the mouth. At first, it is extremely narrow to understand people. Dozens of steps are suddenly cheerful.
As the largest natural cave in South China, it has a highly ornamental Kashgar landform.
Thank you for bringing us such good works by nature.

Day 2-2 In my heart, Qingyuan Chicken surpassed Zhanjiang Chicken today.

This farmhouse, in a very deviate place, was very inconspicuous. At one time, it suspected that it had misled the wrong navigation and opened the wrong place.
Fig sauna chicken, amazing! Juezi! The fragrance of figs came to the nose, and the portions of the dishes were very large. The chicken was raised by the boss himself. Figs are also made from their own orchards.

Day 2-3 “The most beautiful tea garden in Guangdong”

A cup of good tea, a period of time, a taste
Fusion into a wonderful T3 (Tea/ Time/Taste)
While tasting a cup of good tea
The intersection of heaven and earth
People have also returned to nature.
Fear nature, respect nature and respect life.
It’s T3.🍃☘🌱

Yingde not only has good mountains and rivers, but also the well-known English-German black tea. In the same way, in the sun, come to the T3 organic tea garden to watch the tea garden environment together, learn the tea process, sit in the tea mountain gazebo to have a cup of tea, and go to the top of the mountain to see different scenery! The mountains opposite are very shaped, as if they were bitten!

Walk into a tea field casually, wear a straw hat, carry a basket, and temporarily become a “tea picker girl”.

Day 2-4 Returned with a belly of kebabs and happiness.🍖

Returning from the team building, thank you for your tacit cooperation, which makes this team trip so wonderful!
Whether it is everyone’s mutual help during the journey or the novel experience of the journey, I believe that each of you will have different feelings during this journey. Youth will not end, and happiness will not be closed. I hope each of us can always be curious about the world.
The sun is warm and lives up to the time.
All the way forward, the future is promising.
The team building ended successfully.

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