Business philosophy: reputation first, continuous innovation and Win-win cooperation.

Service tenet:Efficiently, Professional and Responsibility.

Corporate Culture

  • Mission: Integrate advantageous resources to create a strong IC professional platform.
  • Vision: Create value, share with one heart, and work together for the future.
  • Core values: integrity-based, win-win cooperation.


  • We support our customers with sincerity and unique service concepts, and we expect to prosper together with all the company’s parties and customers as the first of all partners. We will continue to learn, professional knowledge, positive and enterprising, and always maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for work and improvement consciousness. We will do our best to provide our customers with satisfactory quality services.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations and national requirements, conserve resources, limit harmful substances, prevent pollution, injury and disease, and continuously improve and increase efficiency. We will carry out the basic concept of “an enterprise for the benefit of society”, pay attention to the interests of related parties, fulfill our social responsibility and strive to become an advanced enterprise in Shenzhen.
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Staff Style

HUASHU 2023 Midsummer Visit to Wuling Scenery in the Great Beauty of Hunan Province!

May 30, 2023

There’s more to life than work, there are mountains, creeks and hills ……. At the turn of spring and summer, it is a good time for traveling! In order to thank the hard-working elite team of Washu, enhance the communication between employees and strengthen the team cohesion. Washu with the company’s elite team, play around the West Hunan, feel the beauty of Hunan; under the Yuelu Mountain Xiangjiang River, Hunan University in the fragrance of books and fireworks, through the history of the tide of modern science and technology, in the absence of walls of the university is a kind of experience?

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HUASHU 2023 Spring Reunion in Conghua, Guangdong Province!

March 1, 2023

Spring is a wonderful season, a sudden spring breeze, the years to glory, everything grows. In this warm and full of vitality of the season, people always like to go out of the house to feel the beauty and magic of nature. Warm spring, beautiful scenery, three or five friends, strolling in the mountains, listening to the wind chimes of the corner of the building, look around the trees soughing, there is sunshine, there are good friends, there is poetry, there is life. Trekking, flowers, songs, April on earth, the spring breeze ten miles, waiting for flowers and other wind also waiting for you! 2023 February 10, half of the evening, accompanied by the setting sun, our party embarked on a spring tour, a few small teams drove to their respective destinations to gather.

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