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Lithium Battery Charging

Enable faster, safer and more intelligent electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging innovation is an important part of building new infrastructure in China. With TI’s simulation and embedded processing products and system expertise, you can design advanced super charging stations to charge electric vehicles faster, safer and more intelligently.

The multilevel topology with higher switching frequency supports higher voltage, thus improving power density and accelerating charging speed. TI’s gallium nitride (GaN) FET has integrated drivers, smart grid drivers, and current sensing based on diverters to help you improve power and efficiency. Our induction and signal processing technologies enable intelligent fault prediction, making charging safer.

Bidirectional charging and data communication will also make EV charging more intelligent, and realize vehicle to grid (V2G) function. Our reference design uses real-time microcontrollers and connectivity products, and includes software examples to help you reduce time to market and improve your overall system performance. In addition, with the support of semiconductor technology, flexible infrastructure can realize the production, storage, transmission and distribution of additional power, which is crucial for the realization of electrification.