HUASHU is committed to be the preferred partner of IDH, ODM and OEM manufacturers.

Specializes in TI distribution and has been an authorized distributor of INGCHIPS Bluetooth.distribute ST, NXP, ON, TOSHIBA and other brands.

Spot Buy

HUASHU Technology has maintained a long-term inventory of 20 million pcs of components and has set warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as an effective response to possible out of stock situations.

The global semiconductor industry is experiencing a general shortage and price rise in 2022, which take the opportunity and challenge for electronic component distributors. Some originally scheduled orders are delayed due to shortage. As for HUASHU, we will prepare stock for customers in advance, especially for general components applicable to end customers. Our company sends technicians to assist customers in selecting models and help customers achieve better supply chain management. The warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong ensure smooth delivery, and can provide systematic and efficient delivery services to customers.

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Lead Time Buy

HUASHU provides customers with pre-order-planning. we sustainably assist EMS, ODM customers to make one-year advance orders, for better supply guarantee. With the rise of domestic chips in the past years, we began to distribute domestic chips. We have taken the agency certification by INGCHIPS for Bluetooth solutions.

HUASHU is capable to assist customers in the research and development of smart product solutions. Our pre-order service and scheme design service determine our heading direction of emerging industries such as the IOT and new energy. The cost control and supply chain service capabilities of chip products are continuously improved, through the rapid integration of resources, the simultaneous development of design and manufacturing.

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BOM Kitting

In response to the problem of many models and complicated categories in the BOM table of end customers, HUASHU Technology focuses on active devices, passive devices, structural parts, etc. Through the massive device supply database, HUASHU support customers’ key manufacturer part number requirements.
With more than ten years of experience, the procurement team of HUASHU Technology is able to conduct cost estimation, market situation analysis, and execution risk assessment at the early stage of the project, assisting end-production users in the industry to carry out efficient and fast procurement and evaluation of BOM projects, effectively shortening the project development process.

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Bluetooth Product Solutions

HUASHU Technology has joined hands with Peach Core Technology, the original Bluetooth chip manufacturer, to provide customers with product design, testing and technical support services based on BLE low-power Bluetooth transmissions and IOT.

The company currently carries out the design and development of low-power BLE5.0, 5.1 and 5.3 SoC chips based on its own Bluetooth protocol stack, and can also provide complete reference design solutions based on its own BLE chips. Application scenarios mainly include: automotive, power grid, medical, positioning, high-end consumer and other pan-industrial scenarios.

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