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INGCHIPS Bluetooth 5.2 chip

  • INGCHIPS is a wireless communication chip design manufacturer. At present, its products mainly focus on low-power Bluetooth SoC chips, including 5.1/5.1/5.3 series products. The low-power Bluetooth of INGCHIPS is based on an independent protocol stack. The low-power and full specification Bluetooth features are the main features of our products. At present, our 5.0/5.1 series products are mainly used for pan industrial applications, and 5.1 is mainly used for indoor precise positioning; 5.0 At present, the products have been widely used in vehicle, medical, power grid, industrial networking, high-end consumption and other fields; 5.3 products have covered a wider range of consumer end, including wearable, home furnishing, HID, ARVR and other industrial and agricultural scenes.
  • The ING918X series chips supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.1 are mainly used in pan industrial scenarios such as automobile, power grid, medical, positioning and high-end consumption. The ING916 series chips supporting Bluetooth 5.3 cover more consumption scenarios, including wearable, mesh, ESL, HID, AR, VR, smart home, etc.



TI Bluetooth 5.0 products

  • Low power Bluetooth will play an important role in the future connected world. The Bluetooth Technology Alliance (SIG), in its report “Latest Information on the 2022 Bluetooth Market” released in April this year, showed that the adoption of Bluetooth technology is growing. It is estimated that the Bluetooth shipment will increase by 50% in the next five years, reaching 7 billion units by 2026. The vigorous development of the Bluetooth market reflects that with the joint efforts of the member companies of the Bluetooth Technology Alliance, they continue to innovate and create a more connected world.
  • As one of the first member enterprises of SIG, Texas Instruments (TI) has a history of 20 years in the field of low-power Bluetooth. Recently, it launched a new wireless microcontroller (MCU) series CC2340 in its connection product portfolio, which can realize high-quality, low-power Bluetooth connection functions at half the price of competitive devices.

CC1311x3, CC2651x3 Technical Reference Manual

CC13x2, CC26x2SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Technical Reference Manual