HUASHU has been focusing on electronic components for a long time and has the qualification of agent, which is the mainstream components supplier in the market. This recruitment is mainly for terminal factory customer development and maintenance positions, for sales engineers with certain qualifications in the industry, requiring good communication skills. Welcome to submit your resume!

Terminal Sales Engineer

Job duties:
1. responsible for the company’s agent’s chip and advantageous product line sales promotion work, for automotive electronics customers and smart home appliances customer development;
2. through the phone, e-mail, on-site visits to explore the global OEM / ODM / EMS electronics manufacturers, and establish cooperative relations, to understand their production process shortage of electronic components needs;
3. maintain the company’s existing customers as well as develop new customers, deal with customer BOM material requirements, price negotiations, to facilitate orders;
4. responsible for collecting industry information, digging potential customers and demand, looking for opportunities for cooperation; 5. order tracking, and inventory tracking.
5. order tracking, and inventory sales, timely collection of customer payments;
6. Provide customers with good sales service, including product pricing, product data access/compatible replacement analysis, stocking forecasts;
7. Sales related report writing and analysis.

Job requirements:
1. familiar with all kinds of electronic components such as (power management PUM IC, DC-DC, AC-DC, MCU, Mosfet, etc.) and brands (such as TI, ON, NXP, Toshiba, etc…)
2. Familiar with TI, Bluetooth industry market, more than 3 years of electronic components sales experience and factory customer sales experience, able to independently develop customers, OEM/ODM/EMS customer resources are preferred;
3. have the ability to deal with crisis, customer market analysis and customer service consciousness, good at pre-sale risk control, can independently solve other problems in the sale and after-sale.

Salary + commission + bonus
Weekend double holidays, holiday benefits, regular travel group building.

Foreign Trade Sales

Job duties:
1. familiar with the management of major foreign trade network platform, and can look for the platform to develop new customers, maintain overseas customer relations, to complete the annual sales plan;;
2. responsible for overseas market information collection, development of foreign IC demand customers and terminal factory customers;
3. to the office telephone and network sales, dealing with foreign customers all kinds of electronic components demand inquiries, and follow up on customer intentions, contribute to the landing of orders;
4. contract signing, proficient in foreign trade business process links, to ensure the smooth implementation of the contract, and to ensure that the payment is collected on time;
5. regularly summarize and report sales data, statistical customer resources, publicity and promotion of the company’s brand, establish and maintain customer relations.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or CET-6, fluent in spoken English, able to communicate with foreign businessmen without obstacles in verbal communication and business text communication, such as replying emails in standard English;
2. familiar with foreign trade business platform and related operation skills, experience in foreign trade industry, familiar with foreign trade business process, good at foreign trade customer development and use of foreign IC trade platform;
3. familiar with electronic components, the foreign electronics industry market has a certain ability to analyze and identify, can independently develop foreign market business;
4, cheerful and generous personality, serious and responsible work, hard-working, customer service consciousness, have a strong sales interest and desire to succeed, foreign sales, or other industry foreign trade sales experience is preferred;

Salary + commission + bonus
Weekend double holidays, holiday benefits, regular travel group building.

Bluetooth chip FAE engineer

Job duties:
1、Responsible for Bluetooth chip end-customer development, take the initiative to explore the product market and customers, analyze and locate customer problems, and propose solutions;
2, looking for industry customer information, and screening, the eligible customers to visit, negotiate cooperation, facilitate orders;
3, to understand and collect industry peers and the dynamic information of competitive products;
4, in order to protect the interests of the company, is responsible for negotiating the company and customer business cooperation matters;
5, after-sales stage of customer maintenance, continuous tracking and maintenance of the project as well as optimization
6、Sales related report writing and analysis

Job requirements:
1, electronics, computer, communications-related professional, in the electronic components industry for more than one year factory customer sales experience, with certain resources and contacts;
2、Do 2 years of bluetooth FAE intention to turn sales, mobile product customers independently responsible for the development of experience, bluetooth, WIFI, intelligent light control, intelligent plugs, chip module program sales
Seat, chip module program sales experience is preferred;
3、Familiar with RF, BT/BLE/WIFI related products, etc.

Salary + commission + bonus
Weekend double holidays, holiday benefits, regular travel group building.




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