Goodbye, ShanghaiShanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition

Electronica China Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair is an electronics industry exhibition and an important event in the industry. electronica China Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair was held on July 11, 2023 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of this exhibition area is planned to expand to 100,000 square meters, exhibitors will reach 1,500 +, is expected to attract 70,000 visitors. During the same period of the exhibition, an exciting “Innovation Forum” will be held, closely grasp the connector, power electronics, medical electronics, automotive electronics, 5G, embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) technology and other popular application markets and fast-developing industries, and invite industry leaders, technical experts and research scholars from the electronics industry, application fields and research institutes to answer questions and solve problems for the visitors. We invite industry leaders, technical experts and scholars from electronics industry, application fields and research institutes to answer questions, share production cases, provide advanced technical solutions and look forward to the future development trend of the industry. As a high-quality exhibition for the electronics industry in China, Washu Technology is invited to attend this exhibition and gather with the global heavyweight semiconductor technology leaders in Shanghai;
The innovative nature of the show helps people to better visualize the dynamics behind the development of the electronics world. At Electronica Munich, visitors and exhibitors can easily communicate with each other at any time and witness the development trend of the global electronics industry together.
With the accelerated pace of smart manufacturing and big data applications, it promotes further demand for electronic component products from downstream manufacturers. As the cornerstone of the electronics industry, electronic components not only occupy an important position in the application of traditional fields, but also shoulder a heavy responsibility in the application of various emerging fields. As a global distributor of comprehensive electronic components with many years of experience, Washu Technology has always maintained a high degree of market sensitivity, and with a forward-looking vision, continues to innovate and improve its electronic components product layout covering consumer electronics, automotive, smart home and other fields, to help industry partners to realize technological upgrading.
Washu’s on-site booth layout was carefully designed, and the exhibition hall attracted customers from all over the world to visit and negotiate business with diversified products and rich display forms. Through the professional explanations and technical answers of senior sales and technical personnel, the customers deeply felt Washu’s professional strength in electronic components and won wide praise. By the 12th, we received more than 300 exhibitors and reached preliminary cooperation intention with more than ten enterprises.
The exhibition helped people understand more intuitively the driving force behind the development of the electronic world, share the most cutting-edge and hottest technological achievements, focus on market hotspots and grasp the pulse of the industry.
In addition the exhibition also has great highlights, in order to enhance the exchange of industry information, the exhibition also arranged more than ten industry technology as well as industry exchange sessions and seminars. Mainly, there are Smart Cockpit In-vehicle Display and Perception Conference, International Embedded System Innovation Forum, International Medical Electronics Forum Innovation Forum, International Electric Vehicle Innovation Technology Conference and so on.
In the exhibition, we saw the industry’s ever-changing progress, and felt the opportunities for industry development and the wireless potential of the electronics industry in the future. Thank you to all the people and organizations involved in this electronics exhibition! Thank you for the attention and support of all exhibition visitors! Thank you for sharing and exchanging with industry colleagues!
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