HUASHU | Ride the wind and waves and work together

Longteng all over the world, and the gentle breeze sends warmth to welcome the New Year.
February 5, 2024.
Huashu Technology’s annual meeting on the theme of “Riding the Wind and Waves and Working Together”.
Held at Interlagen Hotel, Overseas Chinese Town, eastern Shenzhen.

Looking forward to the future, the leader’s speech

At the beginning of the party, Ms. Liang Guihua, general manager of Huashu Technology, delivered a wonderful speech for the New Year’s annual meeting. The past year has been a year of fatigue in all walks of life, and a year when Huashu Technology broke through the cocoon. In the face of the fluctuating market, we all work together to ensure positive enthusiasm for work, and work hard to forward. The stronger we are, the stronger we are. In 2024, we have more ambitious plans and higher goals. We will continue to adhere to it, maintain high standards and high requirements, and continuously improve the ability and level of serving customers and creating value. Everything in the past is a preface; everything in the future can be expected. Raise your glass to the past and welcome the magnificent years of 2024 together.

Commendation session

Thank each member for their dedication and efforts.
In the future, we will continue to move forward hand in hand to create more glory!

Wonderful performance

Those who can sing and dance can sing and dance, driving the atmosphere of the whole annual meeting. They use wonderful performances to tell everyone that the joy of life is to find more beauty and more face to yourself.

The grand ceremony of the whole annual meeting climaxed one after another, and the wonderful performance was overwhelming, and the laughter and applause came together.

Happy New Year

Dragons and tigers leap, fearless Good fortune, lucky stars shine high

The wind is flat, and you should set sail as a sail;
There is still a long way to go, and we need to ride horses and whips!
Turning through the page of history, we ushered in an unknown and hopeful time.
Looking forward to Huashu Technology in this brilliant Year of the Dragon, Be enterprising, pioneering and innovative, and draw a magnificent space together.
May everyone be full of spring and have a sonorous pace!

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