Go on an outing to enjoy the flowers and go to a windy place together.

Conghua Xitou Village is a characteristic tourism village in Guangdong Province. Xitou Village has beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful environment. It has won the titles of “National Civilized Village”, “National 3A Tourist Attractions” and “The Most Beautiful Village in Guangzhou”.

The plum blossoms in Conghuaxitou Village have quietly bloomed. Huashu Technology comes here to experience the slow-paced antique rural life~ Visit the ancient alleys, listen to the song of birds, watch the clouds, enjoy the sunset, and enjoy a happy time.

Day 1

After arriving at the homestay, the first feeling is that the scenery is beautiful. The fresh atmosphere permeates the air, making people feel like they are in a paradise. It’s a good place for a vacation.

In the cold winter, it is very suitable for heating around the stove. Eat baked sweet potatoes, drink fruit tea, and talk about the world together. A sea of people~ Don’t let the meeting down.

Day 2-Xingxi Line Hiking

When you come to Xitou Village, of course, you have to have a hiking plan! Conghua Xingxi Line – a very relaxed and leisurely original ecological outdoor route.

Together, we embarked on a hiking journey accompanied by the beautiful scenery. Everyone walked through the dense woods and felt the fresh air. At the feet are the soft grass, the rustling of the wind blowing leaves, and the mountains stained in front of us, all of which make us happy. We walked along the winding path, enjoying the beauty of nature and feeling the company of each other.

Along the way, I enjoyed the original mountain bamboo forest and bathed in the primitive “green bamboo park”~ The end point is Xitou Ancient Village. The must-eat food in Xitou Village is Adi Tofu Flower, a classic time-honored brand. Every time I go there, I order fried tofu with pickled cabbage and pickled sour beans. It tastes great!!!

After hiking, we sat around the stove and boiled a pot of fragrant tea. The sweet potatoes were roasted with sweet potatoes, and the sausages were fragrant. Then we were accompanied by delicious mashed chicken. Pick up a cup of hot tea, clearly visible tea, and dance in the water~ Let’s quietly feel the rare warmth and tranquility in winter.

Day 2-Never fall to the ground and never give up.

An extraordinary outdoor outreach event was held in the afternoon. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen teamwork, improve our communication and tacit understanding, and also provide you with an opportunity to relieve stress at work.

At the beginning of the activity, everyone was divided into three groups, each of which needed to complete a series of challenging tasks through teamwork. These tasks not only test our teamwork ability, but also exercise our ability to think innovatively and deal with emergencies. In the intense and exciting competition, the groups showed amazing cohesion and wisdom, breaking through themselves again and again and creating good results.

In laughter, we know each other better, and the cohesion of the team has become stronger! In the future, let’s work together and continue to create infinite possibilities!

Day 2-Night

It rained lightly at night. While enjoying the five-fingered peach chicken while playing the stove, we talked about our hearts and spent an unforgettable night together.The steaming hot pot will warm our hearts, and all kinds of fresh ingredients roll over in the soup base, bringing us the enjoyment of taste buds.

At night~The roast whole lamb + barbecue feast is coming~ The charcoal is slowly roasted, the body of the sheep is golden and attractive, and the meat is fresh and juicy. The aroma is overflowing and mouth-watering. We sat together, laughing and laughing. Everyone scrambled to taste the delicious food and praised it endlessly. The mutton is charred on the outside and tender on the inside, with aroma, and every bite is full of satisfaction. While tasting the delicious food, we also share each other’s stories and laughter~

A group of people grow up together.

Be grateful. Everything you meet is beautiful.

The team building ended successfully.

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