HUASHU | China International Automotive Electronics Summit Forum ended successfully

Wonderful review

On December 19, 2023, the “2023 China International Automotive Electronics Summit Forum” jointly organized by AspenCore, the world’s leading electronic technology media group, and Shanghai Transportation Electronics Industry Association, was held at Sheraton Pudong, Shanghai.

In order to create cross-industry exchange opportunities and promote the progress of the automotive and automotive electronics industries, Shenzhen Huashu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huashu Technology”) participated in this event. From the perspective of the whole industrial chain of automotive electronics and the multi-dimensional observation method, it triggers more diverse and influential thinking.

Overview of the forum

In order to enhance international exchanges and cooperation and promote the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, the “2023 China International Automotive Electronics Summit Forum” gathers five major summit forums. Among them, the main summit focuses on innovation and interprets the new pattern of the future of automotive electronics, and combines the latest hot spots in industrial development at the same time. Forum: Intelligent Driving-Perception and Computing Forum, Intelligent Cockpit and Body Electronic Forum, New Energy Vehicle-Electric Drive Electronic Control System and Charging Technology Forum, Automotive Electronic Design/Simulation/Test/Verification Forum.

With the further development of the new energy vehicle industry, the automobile industry chain has changed from the former chain structure to the current mesh structure, forming an ecology with more and more cross-border exchanges. The interaction between industry organizations and enterprises can also further promote the rapid development of supply chain industries such as electronic components (IC).

Looking forward to the future

Through this forum, Huashu Technology further clarified the planning and development goals of the next stage. In the future, our company will continue to accumulate experience, improve business quality, do a good job in quality control, overcome difficulties, provide more value for customers, take into account the all-round development of enterprises, and make great strides forward from the perspective of globalization!

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